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Income and Rent Requirement

Income and Rent Requirement



The income limits and maximum rents allowed for most Affordable Rental Units in Fairfax County are listed below, effective April 2023. The income and rent limits are based on median income statistics for the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria Metro Area issued annually by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Maximum Income Requirements

60% Income LimitsPersons in Family80% Income Limits
$63,3001 Person$84,400
$72,3602 Person$96,480
$81,4203 Person$108,560
$90,4204 Person$120,560
$97,6805 Person$130,240
$104,9406 Person$139,920
$112,1407 Person$149,520


Note: Maximum incomes allowed for tenants of affordable rental units are based on the number of persons in the household, not on the size of the unit.


In order for our team to begin processing your application, we will only need the following items shown below that are applicable to your household for people who will be living with you in the apartment.


  1. Employment or Other Income
    • Three (3) current consecutive pay stubs, showing gross and net pay, for any adult household members who are employed. 
  2. Assets
    • Complete an Asset Certification Form that states ONE of the following:
  • I/we do not receive income from any assets at this time.
  • I/we do not wish to provide assets at this time.

ONLY IF APPLICABLE - If these do not apply to your household, you can skip the following requested documents.

  1.  Do you receive Support or Child Support Income?
    • NOno additional information needed.
    • YES -please see below:
      • If your marital status is listed as divorced or separated, complete the Marital Status Affidavit.
      • If you have a court order for child support, provide a current copy of the court order from the courthouse or the office of Child Support Enforcement.
      • If you receive child support that is NOT court ordered, provide a NOTARIZED statement from the person paying the support that lists the amount and frequency of payment.


  1. Do you receive Recurring Gifts/Contributions from someone who will not be living in the apartment with you?
    • NO no additional information needed.
    • YES - please see below:
      • Provide a NOTARIZED statement from the person paying the gift/contribution that lists the amount and frequency of payment.


  1. Do you have custody of other children?
    • NO no additional information needed.
    • YES - please see below:
      • If you have custody of someone elses child(ren), provide a copy of a court order granting custody or proof that the child(ren) physically resides with the applicant.  Proof can include information from the child's doctor, school or verification from applicants landlord.
Please note: All verifications listed above must be dated within 120 days of your anticipated move-in date to be valid for processing.
All Gates Hudson apartment communities work with the Housing Choice Voucher Program